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Burgee Bracelet - Scituate

Burgee Bracelet - Scituate

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Game day ready! Inspired by the team colors of the Scituate Sailors!

Our bracelets have a fresh take on classic coastal style.  Like a true burgee, each one is unique. They are hand crafted in Massachusetts using authentic rope made for the New England boating industry.  We have designed these bold and colorful bracelets to stand on their own, so it takes the stress out of stacking. But, feel free to mix and match, if that's what floats your boat. 

  • Sizes: Class I (S), Class II (M), Class III (L)
  • Marine clasp in heavy natural brass
  • Designed and crafted in MA by marine rope artisans
  • Built to last from salty beach days to winter nor'easters



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